Foaming Dispenser + Hand Sani Bundle


Save $40!

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Nellie’s Foaming Dispenser helps keep your hands clean with a classic, stylish design that keeps clutter away from the sink. The wall mounted style is easy to install and features a high capacity 1L tank, a liquid level window to easily monitor when to refill, and a low battery indicator.

  • Touchless Sensor
  • Safety Lock
  • Two Power Modes (plug in and battery)
  • Wall Mount

Perfect to use bathrooms and kitchens in your home, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. 



Place your hand under the sensor area to activate the dispenser until the liquid comes out. 

For full instructions, click here to see the user manual.


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Nellie's Tip

Can be used with Nellie’s One Soap or Hand Sanitizer!