Nellie's Ninety-Nine



Smelly odours, be gone!

Using the power of electrolyzed water, Nellie’s Ninety-Nine converts table salt and water into a powerful, planet-friendly deodorizer that kills 99.9% of odours.

USE IT ON: Mildew, stinky sports equipment, pet accessories, or on any other smelly fabrics and surfaces.

HOW IT WORKS: When combined with an electric charge, table salt and water produce Sodium Hypochlorite — an odour-killing solution that occurs naturally.

  • KILL 99.9% OF ODOURS
    Use it on mildew, sports equipment, and pet accessories.
    Reusable & durable bottle. All you’ll ever need is table salt & water!
    Quick & easy activation.
    No synthetic chemicals, bleach, alcohol or hazardous materials going back into our environment.


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Fill the bottle with clean water. Do not exceed the maximum water level shown on the back. Add 1.75 g of salt with 400 mL of water, tighten the spray nozzle and shake well.

Make sure the USB cable and adapter are connected to a power source. Place the bottle on the wireless activating base.

The indicator light will turn on and the unit will start making hypochlorous acid solution.

The indicator light will turn off when the electrolysis process is completed. The solution is ready to use.

For more info, see user manual.


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