One Bottle + Wrinkle-B-Gone Bundle


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Back in stock: Spring 2021. Read more about our Glass Update.

Introducing the One Bottle + Wrinkle-B-Gone Bundle! With our reusable One Bottle and both Wrinkle-B-Gone large and travel sizes (in glass bottles!), this bundle is designed to reduce plastic waste while keeping your clothes crisp. Here’s what’s included:


Made of durable material that’s strong enough to be reused over and over, this reusable and refillable bottle is truly the one bottle you’ll ever need. With its revolutionary spray nozzle, the One Bottle provides a versatile, ultra-fine continuous stream. Pump it once for a slight mist or three times for a steady spray.


Goodbye, plastic! Our new refill bottles are made of glass and are designed to be reused (think: vases, art projects, water bottles – get creative)! Wrinkle-B-Gone is a plant-based formula that removes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. In as little as 5 minutes, you can have the same effect of an iron – just shake, spray, smooth, and snap!


Glass is endlessly recyclable and eventually turns into sand. Most importantly, it won’t harm our oceans or marine life. For the sake of our planet, please reuse or repurpose your glass bottles before you recycle.


As we move to replace our plastic bottles with glass packaging, we are also eliminating spray nozzles. Why? Most spray nozzles are made up of both plastic and metal pieces – this combination of materials means they can’t be recycled. Our planet doesn’t need any more garbage.

Please note: This bundle is excluded from any discounts and coupons.

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One Bottle

Check out each product’s page for more info!


One Bottle


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