One Bottle

One Bottle

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Say hello to the One Bottle! Made of durable material that’s strong enough to be reused over and over, this reusable and refillable bottle is truly the one bottle you’ll ever need.


With a convenient funnel stored in its base, the One Bottle features an easy-to-use design that’s meant to be functional, while looking beautiful on your counter. Whether you’re dispersing your favourite Fresh Mist fragrance, easily covering a large surface area with your All-Purpose Cleaner, or gently relaxing your fabrics with Wrinkle-B-Gone, the One Bottle is perfectly suitable for all Nellie’s liquids. The One Bottle holds 400ml.


With its revolutionary spray nozzle, the One Bottle provides a versatile, ultra-fine continuous mist. Pump it once for a slight mist or three times for a steady spray. Use it with your favourite Nellie’s liquids or just plain, old-fashioned water.


As we move to replace our plastic bottles with glass packaging, we are also eliminating spray nozzles. Why? Most – if not all – spray nozzles are made up of more than one type of plastic. This combination of materials means they can’t be recycled. Our planet doesn’t need any more garbage!


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Remove funnel from the base. Twist off spray nozzle head. Use funnel to add liquid into the bottle.

Replace nozzle and funnel. Spray once for a light mist or three times for a continuous spray.



Hand wash only with either Nellie’s One Soap or a distilled vinegar/water solution.

34 reviews for One Bottle

  1. Murray B (verified owner)

    Excellent design.

  2. Amanda N (verified owner)

    Was hesitant to purchase the One Bottle because of price. I purchased to round up my order for free shipping. So glad I did, it‚ it’s very well made, the spray comes out perfectly in a nice mist and slowly, not too fast. I use mine with the All Purpose cleaner. Overall very happy I added this to my order!

  3. Sandra D (verified owner)

    This bottle is amazing. I use my label maker to label it with different products because I just love how it sprays. The funnel included that hides away underneath is so genius!

  4. Lori S (verified owner)

    Very pretty and high quality. Love the Nellie’s products! Keep it up!

  5. Brenda B (verified owner)

    Love the bottle, the only thing I would like more is if it had some way to label what is inside.

  6. Chantal L (verified owner)

    A bit pricey but it’a very good quality, you can tell the difference from a store bought spray bottle. Mists very nicely.

  7. Melissa G (verified owner)

    The One Bottle is both visually appealing and functional. I love how the mist sprays. I am going to get a few more.

  8. Jennifer H (verified owner)

    Love that it’s glass! Easy to evenly apply product! The included funnel that stores in the bottom is very convenient! Just wish the bottle itself was slightly larger, so it could hold more product!

  9. Karen T (verified owner)

    The 1st bottle I received was faulty as the handle did not lock in place but Nellie’s EXCELLENT (the best ever really!) Customer Care Service promptly replaced it. I love how easy it is to use and it looks great too! I am very pleased with my One Bottle and would highly recommend it.

  10. Brittney M (verified owner)

    I love the sleek and clean design of the one bottle. It makes cleaning easy with its continuous spray!

  11. Bonnie F (verified owner)

    I love this so much I repeated my order somI could have more than 1. The mister is excellent.

  12. Patanne T (verified owner)

    I love everything about the One Bottle, especially the consistent fine spray!

  13. Kylie C (verified owner)

    Love my Nellie’s One Bottle!! It works great and looks beautiful!

  14. Jodie R (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this. It’s chic and luxurious. I get so many comments in my bathrooms on the bottle!

  15. Julie I (verified owner)

    I simply love it

  16. Nocamas (verified owner)

    I love the way it sprays and the protective coating on the bottom is a plus!!!

  17. Kathleen G (verified owner)


  18. RJ (verified owner)

    While the one bottle efficiently works to dispense the mist, it is quite big when it is on the counter. A little shorter and smaller around would be easier to handle. Filling it more often would not be a problem. It is a nice feature to have included a funnel for refills.

  19. Carolyn D (verified owner)

    This is a great product! The spray is easy to use and I love using Nellie’s products. The all purpose cleaner is great and the both the lavender and the lemongrass smell great.

  20. Yvony R (verified owner)


  21. Chellsea J (verified owner)

    I love using the glass bottle to mist my plants. It has a fine mist which works perfectly.

  22. Tracy L (verified owner)

    I was surprised by how well this spray bottle performs. The spray is a fine mist rather than a steam and although the bottle is heavy it is also sturdy. Getting more is on our list!

  23. Glenda F (verified owner)

    Easy to hold and spray. The nozzle works well and I’ve placed the bottle in a convenient location to encourage me to use frequently. Two downsides I can think of are pricing and wish it held just a little more product. However, time will tell if I keep using consistently. My first impression is around 8/10.

  24. Angela T (verified owner)

    Love the one bottle!!!!!

  25. Catherine C (verified owner)

    I use a type of spray starch ( but much better product) called Mary Ellen’s Best Press‚Üí Creates a super fine spray and saves on the amount of Best Press and prevents blotches. I absolutely love these frosted glass bottles. I am totally going to get my employer to carry these in our quilt shop!

  26. Freezo (verified owner)

    I love the design of the One bottle. It looks so nice you can leave it out on your counter.!

  27. Kylie C (verified owner)

    The One bottle has been my favourite addition to my less waste‚ lifestyle! It’s beautiful and works great! I even leave it out and handy to grab because it looks so pretty on the shelf!!

  28. Irene H (verified owner)

    Such a clean simple design. No need to hide it away in your cupboard.. too pretty not to display on your counter! I’ve already ordered another bottle.

  29. Sandra D (verified owner)

    This bottle is beautiful and so functional. The spray comes out as a mist and gives great coverage whether I’m using the all purpose cleaner or veggie wash. I keep my 2 bottles on the counter so they are easily available and because they are so beautiful! The handy tuck away funnel for filling is genius!

  30. Karen D (verified owner)

    One spray covers a large surface area, therefore a little goes a long way.

  31. Lisa W (verified owner)

    What a great product and so pretty

  32. Starlene F (verified owner)

    Love the glass bottle and rubber bottom; very easy to use and store

  33. Bev S (verified owner)

    Would like to see a bundle with one bottle and bathroom cleaner

  34. kate (verified owner)

    I love this bottle! I got one to try, it’s phenomenal so I just bought two more, one for glass, one for cleaners, one for clean water to mist my plants. The design is elegant, and functional, the mist is perfect for even distribution. The quality is just what one would expect from Nellie’s, it’s beautifully sturdy, and this is going to last for a very long time.
    I <3 Nellie's.

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Use it with Nellie’s Fresh Mist to keep your room smelling great!