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Nellie’s WOW Mop Bundle has everything you need to get the best looking clean! This bundle includes the brand new Nellie’s WOW Mop and two bottles of Nellie’s Floor Care (scented with our signature lemongrass fragrance), so your floors will be so clean you could eat off them – literally! We don’t recommend that, though.

The WOW Mop Bundle also includes an extra set of WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads, which can be reused up to 100 times each. And as an added bonus, this bundle comes with a 50 Load pouch of our bestselling Laundry Soda, so that you can wash your reusable pads in Nellie’s finest and help keep the environment as clean as your floors!



WOW Wet Floor Pads

Floor Care × 2

Laundry Soda

50 Loads (pouch)

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Nellie’s WOW Mop

2 bottles of Nellie’s Floor Care

1 set of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads

Nellie’s Laundry Soda – 50 Load pouch

Check out each product’s page for more info!

Nellie’s WOW Mop

2 bottles of Nellie’s Floor Care

1 set of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads

Nellie’s Laundry Soda – 50 Load pouch

9 reviews for WOW Mop Bundle

  1. myadixon91 (verified owner)

    WOW is an understatement! This by far is the best mop I’ve bught. It works great, it’s quite, the battery never seems to need a charge and the scent of the lemongrass cleaner is so lovely. My toddler loves this mop too, I shorten the handle length for him and he is entertained and helping. Win win!

  2. taraholdis (verified owner)

    Really happy with the bundle. The mop is great – leaves my linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors clean and shiny. The cleaner smells great and works well – a little goes a long way.

    One improvement that could be made is with the auto-off function when the handle is placed in an upright position. Sometimes when cleaning a small area this is an annoying feature when it powers off. Otherwise a great product.

  3. slatkinson27 (verified owner)

    I seriously love my WOW mop. I finally found a tool that keeps my floors clean and is great for the environment. It is actually fun to use. Definitely recommend the WOW mop!

  4. nblanchard (verified owner)

    I have used my new mop on all my floors. I have dark semi gloss hardwood, cork and tiles. I found that the hardwood floors are streaked after using the mop. I tried using 100% cleaning solution and I have tried 50 – 50 with solution and water. Also, it is impossible to clean in small spaces like between the wall and the toilet and in small spaces when there is no way to use the mop other than with the handle upright it turns off all the time. The mop is easy to use and glides smoothly but I don’t know how to get my wood floors clean without streaks.

  5. ringette99

    Love how convenient this mop is. Even my boyfriend and nephew make a point of moping now that it’s “fun”. Truly appreciate the simplicity of it.
    Would appreciate the auto shut off being altered, but would definitely recommend

  6. kcturner (verified owner)

    I love my WOW mop, it actually makes washing the floors enjoyable! I have never yet had to stop washing to recharge and the Lemongrass (I mix with water) smells light and clean. I do go through the tank of cleaner quite quickly and have to refill often but that is way better than wringing the old mop out for sure. I also stop and rinse the floor wet pads (or you could just put another set on) if my floor happened to go too long between washes but that is no big deal either. If you do happen to put the handle straight up it will turn off and it will not fit between tight spaces but I find that with almost any other floor mop so for myself I have found neither an issue at all but you do have to be aware of them. I highly recommend this mop and although the price is rather on the steep side it does make a tiresome job almost relaxing…I know that sounds weird, and maybe it is…but really…it does. 🙂

  7. allbeeron (verified owner)

    Great product. Does a great job on floors. Not a big fan of the Nellies fresh dog. A little too strong of an odor. Overall very satisfied. We also love the laundry soap. Ron Allbee

  8. jessicaboffo (verified owner)

    LOVE the convenience of this mop!!
    Battery lasts a long time and the FLOOR CARE smells great. Works great on hardwood & tile and dries fast!!!

  9. teresa.riverso (verified owner)

    I am using my new WOW mop on newly installed hardwood flooring throughout the house and new tile in the bathroom…. and I love the WOW mop. It does such a great job cleaning both types of flooring and the mop is so easy to use. It’s the best mop and I highly recommend it. I have been sharing how great this product is (and other Nellie products) with family and friends. Very pleased with the WOW mop bundle.

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Nellie's Tip

Use Nellie’s Laundry Soda to wash your reusable cleaning pads – they’ll be good to go for up to 100 times each!